The activities to be realised within the framework of the “InnoDental Cluster Development” project

2011-2013 (NYDOP- 1.1.1. / A. – 11- 2011- 016)


  • Preparing a publication introducing the cluster
  • Strategy building and market research /Secondary research: characterisation of the foreign market, trend analysis. Consumer behaviour research: questionnaires and personal interviews, asking tourists arriving at the areas related to the members but not for using dental services with the aim to get to know their touristic preferences, attitudes in connection with dental tourism, the analysis of the awareness and the preference of the “dental tourism image”./
  • Developing the cluster web page
  • Online advertisements
  • Database building, creating a knowledge base/ creating an Internet-based knowledge management system/
  • One-day lecture – 2012
  • International dental symposium- 2013
  • One-day lecture – 2013