We greet You in the name of the InnoDental Cluster!


Hungary is a dental high-power, about 40 per cent of Europe’s dental tourism comes to our country. Hungarian dentists treat 60-70 thousand dental tourists annually, a significant part of that is done by dental surgeries in Sopron and other cities in Western Transdanubia. The dental traditions, image and successes of the Western Transdanubian region are well-known internationally. Thousands of people, mainly from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, have come for dental treatments to Sopron and the region since the 1970s.


The highly qualified multilingual dentists, the world-class equipment and technologies used in our surgeries, the excellent quality work with guarantees, the good price-value rate and the relatively short waiting time are all very attractive for foreigners. The dentists working in the Western Transdanubian region are determinant in the treatment of foreign patients; they play an active role in vitalising local economy and regional tourism.


The InnoDental Dental- and Health Tourism Cluster was founded in 2011 with the aim to support the innovation capacities of dental surgeries, the professional credibility, the reinforcement of the regional image, the incentive of dental tourism and thus the stimulation of local economy and the improvement of the profitability of business enterprises. We founded the cluster in cooperation with 12 dental surgeries (ten from Sopron, one from Bükfürdő and one from Pécs) as well as one dental laboratory from Sopron and three supporting members.


Our activities were granted with 20.418.695 HUF non-refundable supports by the New Széchenyi Plan’s Western Transdanubian Operative Programme grant system with the title “InnoDental Cluster Development” in August 2011. We intend to realise the incentive of experience exchanges, the implementation of common projects, community marketing, the formation and operation of information systems, the research of foreign markets and purposeful development based on the cooperation of dental surgeries.


You may find information about the activities of the cluster, our members, aims and you may contact us via our home page


Dr László Bodnár, DMD


President of the InnoDental Dental- and Health Tourism Cluster