The aim of the partner programme


The InnoDental Dental- and Health Tourism Cluster is interested in building a network of cooperating partners in order to assist its operation. It wishes to improve the concentration of business enterprises working in dentistry, related and supporting industry branches, service and supporting infrastructural, educational, counselling and research institutions, professional associations (chambers, clubs, guilds) as well as financial institutions based on their innovative connection systems by its partner programme. A cooperating partner is not evidently a member of the cluster but it agrees on its aims and assists the efficient realisation of its activities.

Our partners, supporting members:


  • University of West-Hungary, Technological Transfer Office

This office transfers the portfolio of the university’s intellectual products towards the small and medium-sized business enterprises of the Western Transdanubian and Burgenland regions, while transferring the innovation demands of the business enterprises towards the appropriate research units of the university.


  • Hungarian Tourism Ltd, Directorate of the Western Transdanubian Region

It is the task of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd to enhance the demand for tourism in Hungary by inciting inland and foreign tourism in order to improve the industry.


  • Dr Paukovits Lawyer Office

Legal counselling